Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

A liver transplant, often a last-resort life-saving procedure, involves replacing a damaged or failing liver with a healthy one from a living or deceased donor.

In a country where medical advancements continue to make remarkable strides, a liver transplant is often considered a medical miracle.

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Liver transplantation is considered the gold standard for the treatment of end-stage liver disease, liver cancer, etc.., India’s prominence in this field is attributed to its team of highly skilled and experienced liver transplant surgeons.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka, a highly acclaimed liver transplant surgeon in India, brings 27 years of extensive experience to his practice at Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka:

Dr. Subhash Gupta stands as one of India’s foremost liver transplant doctors, and his impressive 33-year career speaks to his unparalleled expertise.

Dr. Subhash Gupta:

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard, an accomplished Surgical Gastroenterologist, brings over a decade of surgical expertise to the medical field in India.

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard:

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Liver surgery can carry certain risks, but these risks are minimized when performed by the best liver transplant surgeon in India.

Is liver surgery risky?

When considering a liver transplant surgeon in India, it’s crucial to consult with multiple experts, review their success rates, and consider factors such as the location of the hospital and the surgeon’s experience with specific liver conditions.


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