Pancreas Surgery in Chennai 

Pancreas Surgery, The Procedure, Risks, Our Doctors  and Benefits and Facilities.

Our fully-equipped facility and experienced staff provide excellent Pancreas Surgery in Chennai with great patient care, for those who need quality pancreas surgery.

What is pancreas surgery? 

Pancreas surgery is a procedure to remove all or part of the pancreas, a small organ located behind the stomach.

Who needs pancreas surgery? 

Pancreas surgery is a major medical procedure, and should only be performed if necessary.


It is typically reserved for patients with certain conditions.

The Procedure:

Pancreas surgery is a complex procedure, and the best way to ensure the best outcome is to have it done by the best pancreas doctor in Chennai.

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Risks and Benefits of Pancreas Surgery:


Nerve Damage

Blockage Of the Small Intestines 

Injury To Other Organs


We take special care to provide our patients with the most up-to-date technologies and treatments available—from cutting-edge robotic systems to advanced endoscopy techniques.

Additionally, we strive for the highest quality outcome, so you can expect fast recovery times and reduced risks of complications after your procedure. 


Our Doctors:

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard and healthcare professionals are highly skilled in treating a variety of pancreatic conditions with minimally invasive procedures.

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