Liver Surgery  in Chennai 

Type of Liver Surgery, Treatment, Risks, Recovery, Benefits and Our Doctors.

At Magnus Gastro & Liver Clinic in Chennai, we offer a variety of liver surgery options to meet the individual needs of our patients which is why we offer the best Liver Surgery in Chennai.

Type of Liver Surgery:

Depending on the condition, the liver surgeon in Chennai at Magnus Gastro & Liver Clinic may recommend one of several types of Liver Surgery in Chennai.


If you have been diagnosed with a liver condition or disease, our liver doctor will recommend the best treatment for you.  The most common treatments include lifestyle modifications etc..,

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Risks of Liver Surgery:



Organ damage

Blood clots

Damage to bile ducts

Anesthetic reactions


A person can expect to be in the hospital for 4-7 days post-surgery, during which they will be carefully monitored. Additionally, a patient may be required to stay at home for a few weeks.

The benefits of undergoing Liver Surgery in Chennai are immense. 


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It can help with life-threatening diseases, such as cirrhosis and cancer.

It also helps improve the overall functioning of the liver, which in turn can improve the quality of life. Additionally, it can also help reduce pain, as well as symptoms caused by liver diseases. 

Our Doctor:

At Magnus Gastro & Liver Clinic in Chennai, our highly skilled and experienced liver surgeons Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard provide the highest quality of care.

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