Best Liver Doctor in India

The field of hepatology, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases, has witnessed tremendous advancements in India.

We will explore some of the best liver specialist in India, highlighting their expertise, achievements, and noteworthy contributions to liver care. 

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Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard is a highly experienced liver specialist who has dedicated over a decade to practicing at various prestigious medical centers across India.

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard (Best Liver Doctor in India)

His specialized training encompasses the surgical management of liver, pancreas, and biliary diseases, as well as liver transplantation.

Dr. Arvind Sahni is a renowned hepatologist who is widely recognized for his expertise in the management of liver diseases and liver transplantation.

Dr. Arvind Sahni:

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases, including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Dhiman:

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Dr. A. S. Soin is a renowned and the best liver doctor in India widely acknowledged for his groundbreaking work in liver transplantation.

Dr. A. S. Soin:

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin is a prominent hepatologist who is renowned for his expertise in viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin:

To conclude, India is home to several exceptional liver doctors who have played a significant role in advancing the field of hepatology.

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