Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India | Dr. Magnus Jayaraj

What is a Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant, often a last-resort life-saving procedure, involves replacing a damaged or failing liver with a healthy one from a living or deceased donor. The success of a liver transplant hinges on the expertise of the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India, who employs advanced surgical techniques and precise care to ensure optimal patient outcomes. This complex procedure is essential for those facing end-stage liver diseases, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and acute liver failure. India’s leading liver transplant surgeons play a pivotal role in making the country a global destination for this critical surgery.

In a country where medical advancements continue to make remarkable strides, a liver transplant is often considered a medical miracle. It offers a new lease on life to individuals suffering from severe liver diseases, thanks to the extraordinary expertise of the best liver transplant surgeons in India. This combined commitment to excellence and patient well-being has solidified India’s reputation as a leading destination for liver transplant surgeries.

Medical Excellence in Liver Transplants:

Liver transplantation is considered the gold standard for the treatment of end-stage liver disease, liver cancer, etc.., India’s prominence in this field is attributed to its team of highly skilled and experienced liver transplant surgeons. These surgeons are at the forefront of advancements in the field, employing the latest surgical techniques, innovative technologies, and a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

The Role of Indian Surgeons:

The success of a liver transplant depends significantly on the expertise of the surgical team. India boasts some of the world’s best liver transplant surgeons, known for their exceptional skills and commitment to patient care. These surgeons have completed rigorous training, both within India and abroad, and have extensive experience in liver transplantation. Their precision, dedication, and surgical proficiency contribute to India’s reputation as a global leader in liver transplant surgeries.

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India – Top 5

Dr. Ravi Mohanka

Dr. Ravi Mohanka, a highly acclaimed liver transplant surgeon in India, brings 27 years of extensive experience to his practice at Global Hospital, Mumbai. With a robust educational background and specialized training in liver transplantation and regenerative medicine, he is renowned for his exceptional expertise. Dr. Mohanka’s dedication to patient care has rightfully earned him the title of the best liver transplant surgeon in India.

Dr. Subhash Gupta

Dr. Subhash Gupta stands as one of India’s foremost liver transplant doctors, and his impressive 33-year career speaks to his unparalleled expertise. He currently serves at Max Healthcare Hospital in Delhi, a renowned medical institution synonymous with cutting-edge healthcare services. Dr. Gupta’s stellar contributions to the field rightfully earn him the title of the best liver transplant surgeon in India, cementing his esteemed reputation in the medical community.

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard, an accomplished Surgical Gastroenterologist, brings over a decade of surgical expertise to the medical field in India. His educational background as an alumnus of JIPMER, combined with specialized training from esteemed institutions such as SGPGI Lucknow, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Hyderabad, and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (CLBS), New Delhi, has made him a standout professional in the field of liver transplant surgery. Dr. Mansard’s dedication and experience contribute to his well-deserved recognition as one of the best liver transplant surgeons in India, solidifying his reputation in the medical community.

Dr. Radhika Venugopal

Dr. Radhika Venugopal, M.B.B.S., D.M. (Hepatology), is the epitome of excellence as the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India at CTS Hospitals. With a profound commitment to patient well-being and a wealth of expertise, Dr. Radhika Venugopal ensures unparalleled care, making CTS Hospitals a trusted destination for liver transplantation, and setting a benchmark for medical excellence in the field of hepatology.

Prof. Mohamed Rela

With an illustrious career spanning 28 years, Prof. Mohamed Rela stands as a distinguished Liver Transplant Surgeon in India. His unparalleled expertise in the field has made him a trailblazer in liver transplantation. Prof. Rela’s commitment to medical excellence and patient care has garnered him international acclaim. With a legacy of successful transplants, he continues to be a beacon of hope and healing for those in need of liver interventions.

Dr. Shailendra Lalwani

Dr. Shailendra Lalwani is renowned as a leading expert in liver transplants in India, with an impressive 21-year career dedicated to surgical excellence. His educational background includes an MBBS, MS in General Surgery, and a DNB in Surgical Gastroenterology. Dr. Lalwani currently practices at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, an institution known for its cutting-edge healthcare services.

Dr. Sanjiv Saigal

Dr. Sanjiv Saigal, a distinguished medical professional with over 26 years of experience, holds the esteemed position of Principal Director and head in Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Endoscopy. His profound expertise and unwavering commitment to patient care have rightfully positioned him as one of the best liver transplant surgeons in India. Dr. Saigal’s contributions to the field, particularly in the realm of liver transplantation, have solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the medical community. His dedication to advanced healthcare practices underscores his pivotal role in improving patient outcomes.


When considering a liver transplant surgeon in India, it’s crucial to consult with multiple experts, review their success rates, and consider factors such as the location of the hospital and the surgeon’s experience with specific liver conditions. Patients should also consult with their healthcare providers and conduct thorough research to make an informed decision based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liver surgery can carry certain risks, but these risks are minimized when performed by the best liver transplant surgeon in India. Skilled surgeons in India are well-versed in advanced techniques and patient care, ensuring the best possible outcomes and reducing surgical risks associated with liver procedures.

India boasts a high success rate for liver transplants, thanks to the expertise of the best liver transplant surgeon in India. The success of a liver transplant depends on the surgeon’s proficiency, the patient’s condition, and post-operative care. In India, these factors are meticulously managed, resulting in a significant number of successful liver transplant cases.

Yes, India is an excellent choice for liver transplants due to its exceptional medical infrastructure, cost-effective healthcare, and, most importantly, the presence of some of the best liver transplant surgeon in India. Patients from around the world seek treatment here, given the high quality of care, advanced surgical techniques, and impressive success rates. India’s reputation as a hub for liver transplants continues to grow, making it a preferred destination for those in need of this life-saving procedure.