Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

What is a Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant, often a last-resort life-saving procedure, involves replacing a damaged or failing liver with a healthy one from a living or deceased donor. The success of a liver transplant hinges on the expertise of the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India, who employs advanced surgical techniques and precise care to ensure optimal patient outcomes. This complex procedure is essential for those facing end-stage liver diseases, cirrhosis treatment, liver cancer, and acute liver failure. India’s leading liver transplant surgeons play a pivotal role in making the country a global destination for this critical surgery.

In a country where medical advancements continue to make remarkable strides, a liver transplant is often considered a medical miracle. It offers a new lease on life to individuals suffering from severe liver diseases, thanks to the extraordinary expertise of the best liver transplant surgeons in India. This combined commitment to excellence and patient well-being has solidified India’s reputation as a leading destination for liver transplant surgeries.

Medical Excellence in Liver Transplants:

Liver transplantation is considered the gold standard for the treatment of end-stage liver disease, liver cancer, etc.., India’s prominence in this field is attributed to its team of highly skilled and experienced liver transplant surgeons. These surgeons are at the forefront of advancements in the field, employing the latest surgical techniques, innovative technologies, and a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

The Role of Indian Surgeons:

The success of a liver transplant depends significantly on the expertise of the surgical team. India boasts some of the world’s best liver transplant surgeons, known for their exceptional skills and commitment to patient care. These surgeons have completed rigorous training, both within India and abroad, and have extensive experience in liver transplantation. Their precision, dedication, and surgical proficiency contribute to India’s reputation as a global leader in liver transplant surgeries.

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India | Dr. Magnus Jayaraj

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

India boasts an impressive array of liver transplant surgeons who are not only leaders in their field but also pioneers in advancing liver transplantation techniques. Among them, the following stand out for their exceptional contributions:

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard, with over a decade of surgical practice, is a highly accomplished Surgical Gastroenterologist known for his proficiency in complex procedures. An alumnus of the esteemed JIPMER, his expertise extends across various centers in India.

  • Educational Background: Completed both under-graduation (MBBS) and post-graduation (MS) at JIPMER.
  • Specialized Training: Focused on the surgical treatment of liver, pancreas, and biliary diseases.
  • Expertise in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Highly skilled in advanced laparoscopic surgeries, aiding in faster recovery and reduced pain for patients.
  • Founding Contributions: Played a pivotal role in establishing liver transplant and surgical gastroenterology units in many hospitals.
  • Academic Involvement: Actively mentors juniors, has presented papers at national and international forums, and authored numerous scientific articles.
  • International Training: Received advanced training at Harvard Medical School (HMS), USA.

Dr. Mansard’s comprehensive training and experience have made him a respected figure in surgical gastroenterology.

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

Dr. Ravi Mohanka

Dr. Ravi Mohanka, with his extensive expertise in liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery, has made significant strides in the medical community. His accomplishment of India’s first successful intestine transplant stands as a testament to his skill and innovation.

  • Specializations: Expert in both living and cadaveric liver transplantation.
  • Professional Contributions: Played a pivotal role in advancing liver transplant surgery with cutting-edge techniques.
  • Surgical Skills: Renowned for performing complex multi-stage liver procedures.
  • Patient Care: Provides treatment for both adults and children, demonstrating versatility in patient management.
  • Educational Background: MS and DNB from Government Medical College and Hospital; MBBS from the same institution.
  • International Training: Received advanced training in transplant surgery from the Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical College, and University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre.

Dr. Mohanka’s blend of expertise, innovation, and commitment places him among the leading liver transplant surgeons in India.

Dr. Vivek Vij

Dr. Vivek Vij, a renowned liver transplant surgeon, currently leads the Department of Organ Transplantation – Liver Transplant at Fortis Hospital, Noida. His extensive experience and innovative approaches in liver transplantation have positioned him at the forefront of this field.

  • Impressive Track Record: Has successfully performed over 510 liver transplants with minimal complications and a cumulative 2050 liver transplants with his team.
  • Pioneering Contributions: Credited with developing and standardizing safety protocols in living donor surgery, achieving a 100% donor safety profile.
  • Academic Contributions: First surgeon from the Indian subcontinent to publish a series of laparoscopic Donor Hepatectomy in ‘Liver Transplantation’.
  • Leadership Role: Founder of Liver transplantation and Hepatobiliary Sciences at Fortis Hospitals, initiating successful programs in Noida and Mohali.
  • Special Interests: Focused on GI cancers, Pancreaticoduodenectomy, biliary injuries, and achieving the lowest biliary complication rate (<4%) in Living Donor Liver Transplants worldwide.

Dr. Vij’s commitment to excellence and innovation has made him a distinguished figure in the realm of liver transplantation in India.

Dr. Radhika Venugopal

Dr. Radhika Venugopal, renowned for her expertise in Pediatric Medicine and Hepatology, has established herself as a leader in liver transplantation. As a key figure at CTS Hospitals, her approach to patient care is both comprehensive and deeply committed.

  • Professional Role: Distinguished as the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India at CTS Hospitals.
  • Patient Care Philosophy: Known for a profound commitment to patient well-being.
  • Medical Expertise: Brings a wealth of knowledge in hepatology to her practice.
  • Healthcare Leadership: Ensures unparalleled care at CTS Hospitals, setting benchmarks in medical excellence.
  • Qualifications: Holds an M.B.B.S. and a D.M. (Hepatology) degree.

Dr. Venugopal’s dedication and skill make her a vital asset in the field of liver transplantation in India.

Prof. Mohamed Rela

Prof. Mohamed Rela, a world-renowned liver transplant surgeon, is celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions in the field. Currently associated with Rela MS Hospital in Chennai, his extensive experience spans over three decades, making significant advancements in liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary surgery.

  • Global Recognition: Noted for performing over 4000 liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary surgical procedures.
  • Historic Achievements: First Indian surgeon to perform a successful liver transplant on a 5-day-old girl, recorded in the Guinness Book.
  • Pediatric Liver Transplant Pioneer: Successfully conducted the youngest liver transplant on a 1-month-old baby.
  • Holistic Approach: Combines cutting-edge technology with compassionate patient care.
  • Educational Background: Holds prestigious degrees including MS, FRCS, and DSc.

Prof. Rela’s expertise and innovative techniques solidify his status as one of the leading liver transplant surgeons in the world.

Dr. Shailendra Lalwani

Dr. Shailendra Lalwani is a well-recognized figure in the field of Gastroenterology, holding a consultant position at Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, New Delhi. With over 19 years of specialized experience, Dr. Lalwani has established himself as an expert in liver transplantation and hepato-pancreatic biliary surgery.

  • Extensive Experience: Boasts more than 19 years as a Gastroenterology Specialist.
  • Expertise Areas: Skilled in Liver Transplantation and Hepato-pancreatic biliary Surgery.
  • Professional Membership: Active member of the Delhi Medical Council.
  • Acknowledgments: Honored with multiple awards for his significant contributions in Gastroenterology.

Dr. Lalwani’s dedication and expertise have significantly advanced the field of liver transplantation and gastroenterology in India.

Dr. Sanjiv Saigal

Dr. Sanjiv Saigal has established himself as a prominent transplant surgeon in Gurgaon, renowned for his exceptional skill in liver transplantation. His expertise is evident in the impressive number of successful liver transplants he has performed, showcasing a blend of technical proficiency and dedication.

  • Extensive Experience: Successfully performed 1500 liver transplants, using both cadaveric and living donor organs.
  • High Volume of Surgeries: Conducts approximately 25 liver transplants monthly, with a success rate over 90%.
  • Educational Credentials: MBBS from the Royal College of Physicians, London; MD, MAMS, MRCP, DM, and DNB.
  • Professional Speaking Engagements: Delivered over 130 talks at national and international conferences.

Dr. Saigal’s commitment and achievements have made him a distinguished figure in the field of liver transplantation in India.

Dr. Aswin Krishna

Dr. Aswin Krishna, with his profound expertise in Hepatology and Gastroenterology, is a distinguished Consultant at Chennai Apollo Hospital. Leading one of the highest volume liver surgery units in Tamil Nadu, his dedication and skill in liver transplantation and liver surgery are well-recognized.

  • Educational Background: Completed MBBS at Kanyakumari Government Medical College, followed by an MD in General Medicine and a DM in Hepatology.
  • Advanced Training: Holds a fellowship in liver transplantation from Rela Hospitals, Chennai.
  • Certifications: Acquired an Intuitive certification in Observership in Liver Transplantation training.
  • Leadership: Heads Tamil Nadu’s prolific Liver surgery unit, reflecting his expertise in the field.

Dr. Krishna’s impressive educational background and hands-on experience in liver care make him an esteemed figure in medical circles.

Dr. Rakesh Rai

Dr. Rakesh Rai, a prominent transplant surgeon based in Mumbai, brings over 16 years of extensive experience to the field. His tenure has seen him work with some of the world’s leading transplant centers, contributing significantly to advancements in liver transplantation.

  • Professional Journey: Accumulated over 16 years of experience in liver transplantation.
  • Educational Credentials: Graduated with MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from Patna University and the University of Mumbai.
  • Advanced Training: Completed his MD in the United Kingdom, specializing in HPB surgery and abdominal organ transplantation.
  • Global Exposure: Gained valuable insights and skills from prestigious institutions in the UK and the USA.
  • International Recognitions: Holds FRCS, MD, and certifications from the American Society of Transplant Surgeon (ASTS).

Dr. Rai’s international training and dedication to liver transplantation have established him as a leading expert in the field in Mumbai.

Dr. Avnish Seth

Dr. Avnish Seth, formerly the Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Sciences at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, is a renowned expert in the field. His pioneering work in organ donation and transplantation has significantly influenced medical practices in India.

  • Extensive Career: Over two decades in gastroenterology and hepatobiliary sciences.
  • Specializations: Expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic GI Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP, and Liver Transplantation.
  • Academic Contributions: Established departments of Gastroenterology and Organ Retrieval & Transplantation.
  • Pioneering Achievements: Conducted India’s first stool transplant and has over 100 publications.
  • Educational Background: MBBS from AFMC, Pune, MD from Pune University, and DM from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Dr. Seth’s commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation and education has made him a distinguished figure in his field.


  • Abdominal Pain: Abdominal pain may be due to an enlarged liver or other complications related to liver disease.
  • Ascites (Abnormal Fluid Buildup): Ascites is often a result of portal hypertension and liver dysfunction, leading to fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity.
  • Pedal Edema (Swelling in Legs and Ankles): Swelling in the legs and ankles can occur due to the liver’s inability to regulate fluid balance, leading to peripheral edema.
  • Yellowness of Skin and Eyes (Jaundice): Jaundice occurs when the liver is unable to effectively process bilirubin, leading to its accumulation in the skin and eyes.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea and vomiting can result from the buildup of toxins in the body when the liver is unable to adequately detoxify.
  • Chronic Fatigue: Chronic fatigue is a common symptom of liver disease, as the liver plays a vital role in energy metabolism.
  • Pale Colored Stool: Pale or clay-colored stools can indicate issues with bile production and flow from the liver to the intestines.

What are the indications of a liver transplant?

Liver transplant may be indicated in cases of end-stage liver disease or liver failure, where the liver is no longer able to function adequately. Some common indications for liver transplant include:

1. Cirrhosis: Advanced scarring of the liver due to chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, or alcoholic liver disease.

2. Acute Liver Failure: Sudden and severe loss of liver function, often due to drug toxicity, viral hepatitis, or autoimmune liver diseases.

3. Liver Cancer: Hepatocellular carcinoma or cholangiocarcinoma that has not spread beyond the liver.

4. Genetic Liver Diseases: Conditions like hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, or alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency that lead to liver damage.

5. Biliary Atresia: Congenital condition where the bile ducts are absent or blocked, leading to liver damage in infants.

For these conditions, liver transplant offers a chance for improved quality of life and long-term survival. Consultation with the best liver transplant surgeon in India is essential for proper evaluation and treatment planning.

What makes the liver unique?


Even if 70% of the liver is removed, normal liver functions persist, provided the remaining 30% is healthy. In cases of liver cancer, substantial removal of cancerous portions poses minimal risk to liver function. Additionally, over half of the liver can be safely taken from a donor for transplantation without compromising their liver function.


The liver uniquely regenerates itself even after significant removal. Small liver remnants swiftly grow back to normal size within weeks. This regenerative ability ensures the safety of removing substantial liver portions from living donors and individuals with liver tumors. Transplanted half-livers thrive in liver failure patients, rapidly returning to normal size, enhancing transplant success.


When considering a liver transplant surgeon in India, it’s crucial to consult with multiple experts, review their success rates, and consider factors such as the location of the hospital and the surgeon’s experience with specific liver conditions. Patients should also consult with their healthcare providers and conduct thorough research to make an informed decision based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liver surgery can carry certain risks, but these risks are minimized when performed by the best liver transplant surgeon in India. Skilled surgeons in India are well-versed in advanced techniques and patient care, ensuring the best possible outcomes and reducing surgical risks associated with liver procedures.

India boasts a high success rate for liver transplants, thanks to the expertise of the best liver transplant surgeon in India. The success of a liver transplant depends on the surgeon’s proficiency, the patient’s condition, and post-operative care. In India, these factors are meticulously managed, resulting in a significant number of successful liver transplant cases.

Yes, India is an excellent choice for liver transplants due to its exceptional medical infrastructure, cost-effective healthcare, and, most importantly, the presence of some of the best liver transplant surgeon in India. Patients from around the world seek treatment here, given the high quality of care, advanced surgical techniques, and impressive success rates. India’s reputation as a hub for liver transplants continues to grow, making it a preferred destination for those in need of this life-saving procedure.

A liver transplant is a major surgical procedure that carries risks like any other surgery. However, it is often the best treatment option for end-stage liver disease. With advancements in medical technology and expertise, the success rates for liver transplants have improved significantly. Consulting with the best liver transplant surgeon in India can provide more specific information regarding risks and outcomes.
When choosing a liver transplant surgeon in India, consider factors such as their experience, expertise, success rates, and patient reviews. Look for surgeons affiliated with reputable hospitals with dedicated liver transplant programs. It’s also essential to discuss your case with the surgeon to ensure they understand your specific needs and concerns. Consult with the best liver transplant surgeon in India for personalized guidance.
Yes, surgery can potentially damage the liver, especially if the procedure involves direct manipulation or resection of liver tissue. However, with advancements in surgical techniques and careful preoperative planning, the risk of liver damage during surgery can be minimized. It’s crucial to consult with the best liver transplant surgeon in India to ensure optimal surgical outcomes and minimize potential complications.