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Signs of a healthy liver | Dr. Magnus Jayaraj

Hacks for a Healthy Liver

Signs of a healthy liver, the liver plays a pivotal role in maintaining overall health as a vital organ with multifaceted functions. Primarily located in

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Best doctor in Chennai | Dr. Magnus Jayaraj

Best Doctor in Chennai

Best Doctor in Chennai, selecting the right doctor is a pivotal undertaking. Amidst the multitude of healthcare professionals, one name distinguishes itself – Dr. Magnus.

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Best Gastroenterologist in India | Dr. Magnus Jayaraj
For Patients

Best Gastroenterologist in India

Over the past decade, the field of gastroenterology in India has witnessed remarkable advancements in diagnostic and treatment techniques. A team of the best gastroenterologist

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Laparoscopic Surgeon in India| Dr. Magnus Jayaraj
Laparoscopic surgery

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in India

Laparoscopic, also known as “Minimal Access Surgery,” has undergone substantial advancements in abdominal surgical techniques in India over the past decade. While its early applications

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